There will be many lifestyle changes when a person decides that he will do environmentally safe things when it comes to grooming – fortunately, it’s not that hard to do so. One can enjoy the benefits of proper grooming while being environmentally conscious at the same time; and isn’t it high time that we all started to consider the effects of our actions to the environment, even in a mundane task such as grooming?

Well, we’ve got just the rundown for you; here are 10 ways you could do so.

1. Opt for a Long-Lasting Razor

Disposable razors produce a lot of waste in terms of carbon footprint – one need look only at the exorbitant amounts of plastic used to produce them. And this is mainly because making of plastic demands fossil fuels. Along with packing even the razor handle is plastic. There are other environment friendly approaches to do this. One can go for a straight razor which lasts longer, just like Manly Matters says right here. When this is used, there will not be less waste produced and it will result in a closer, tighter shave.

2. Lather with a Natural Brush

When it comes to lathering one can opt for natural brushes. There are many quality products in this. These will lead to shaving a more and more relaxing experience.

3. Opt to Go Solar Whenever You Can

Traveling also requires you to continue to groom in an eco-friendly way. And one of these methods is to groom using solar-powered razors as opposed to electric ones. These batteries can charge very efficiently and quickly just from solar rays, and you will never have to go through the hassle of scouring for outlets in bathrooms.

4. Go for Quality Blades

Better to go for best quality blades which will last longer. There are products today which will last for even 150 additional shaves. So, rather going for cheap products which must be changed frequently, go for great quality products that will last you longer. This will save you more money over the long run, and at the same time reduce your wastage.

5. Read the Fine Print on Grooming Products

When choosing soaps for daily use, it is better to look at the ingredients used. This is important to maintain healthy skin as well as to go green. There are products available which are made of 100 percent organic and packed using materials which are 100 percent recycled. Even these small things will make large difference to nature.

6. Go Organic

Buy products made out of organic materials rather than alcohols – they may cost you a bit more, but they are so much better for the environment. Otherwise, why not consider making your own organic shampoo and soap? That’s the perfect way to get your grooming products cheap, and make sure that only the best ingredients were made out of making it.

7. Avoid Products that are Known to Be Toxic

There are number of aftershave products are available in the market today. Manufacturing processes of these products may involve things which are toxic to the environment. Many aftershave products are full of chemicals. Moreover aftershaves which are alcohol based can make skin dry and some users may feel irritation.

8. Only Use the Water that You Need

One more bad habit when it comes to using water is that while washing, shaving, and brushing many people allow the tap to run.

9. Be Economical with Resources

This should be avoided. One can use basin for their grooming activities. Otherwise even if they are conscious while using the water that is more than enough. Between the activities one must remember to shut off the tap. Even these small conservation can help in saving lot of water.

10. Shave Every Other Week

It is not compulsory to shave every day for all men. It has become a fashion to skip a shave at least once a week. Along with saving water, this will save time as well.