There are plenty of ways that you can help to preserve the integrity of the environment from starting your own backyard compost to reducing the amount of energy your home uses on a regular basis. Not only is cutting back on electricity use a phenomenal way to prevent the pollution of Earth, but it can also help you to save an insurmountable amount of money at the end of each month.

The best part about using these 5 tips to your advantage is that it’s a lot easier than you could imagine. There’s no need to completely uproot your life and revolutionize the way you live. All you have to do is make a couple of smart choices and you’ll be well on your way to contributing to a healthier and happier planet.

Use Small Appliances for Multiple Tasks

There are dozens of different types of small appliances that you can find from department stores in your area, but did you know that some small appliances can give you more than one use? What’s the point of purchasing a food processor, a blender such as Ninja’s top model, and a snowcone machine when you can have all 3 in one convenient unit? When you’re shopping for certain small appliances it’s important to determine whether they will serve multiple purposes.

A great example would be to choose a coffee maker that also focuses on producing regular hot water and espresso as well as a regular cup of Joe. You won’t have the need for a separate kettle or espresso machine, as you’ll essentially have an all-in-one appliance. This will help you to cut back on the amount of used space in your kitchen as well.

Install Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

You would be surprised to learn about the sheer amount of electricity the lightbulbs in your home use on a regular basis, especially if you haven’t made the switch to energy efficient lightbulbs. There are plenty of different types of bulbs you can find in your local hardware store that are adaptable to ceiling fixtures, bedside table lamps, and even fluorescent lighting. Governments have even started rolling out rebate programs where you can save up to half of the cost of an energy efficient lightbulb with the use of a special coupon.

These bulbs are designed to consume far less energy but to also give you the perfect amount of light to keep your home bright during the night time. Plus, they have a more appealing hue than your average everyday bulb.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Whether you’re moving into a new home or if you’re buying new appliances for your existing property, take the time to think about energy efficient appliances. In all honesty, the majority of manufacturers only create appliances that consume less energy than their past models. These appliances are either designed to cut back on energy use for every operational mode or they will also offer an “eco-friendly” mode that consumes less electricity.

Either way, you’re given the opportunity to cut back on regular operating costs and your environmental impact.

Regularly Turn Off Lights

As another easy way to help the environment, all you have to do is make sure all of the lights in your home are turned off when they should be. Think about it – there’s no point to having a light on in a room that no one is in. Plus, there’s no point in having lights on at night while everyone is asleep. By making it a habit to regularly turn lights off when you leave a room, you’re going to cut back on an insurmountable level of energy consumption.

Saving the planet is something that you can easily do from home and it’s as simple as making sure you cut back on your energy consumption. By following these 5 simple steps, you’ll be doing your part in creating a healthier environment for future generations.