There are several ideas and ways by which one can reduce carbon footprint while travelling – and before you underestimate the effects of individual efforts in stemming the tide of climate change, think of it as doing your small part in contributing to the fight against climate change. You will be surprised to see how small individual efforts done consistently over time will make an effect rather than binging on what you think is environmentally conscious consumption (the dichotomy of a crash diet versus eating a good diet through taking small meals a day).

Besides, isn’t it high time we think about what world we are leaving to the next generation? Donald Trump may not care about the environment, but that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t, too.

Check out these 12 simple ways you could at a drop of a hat:

1. Find The Shortest Distance From Point A To Point B

When destination has been decided it is important to find the shortest flight path to that destination. This is the first thing which will help in reducing the carbon footprint. Once should either go for path with less stop overs or still better option is to find the direct flight to the destination.

2. Pick The Closest Destination, If You Can’T Find The Shortest Distance

If the traveler is still in a state of confusion between to destinations, pick the closest one. This will help in reducing carbon emissions.

3. Opt For Ride Sharing Applications For Transportation In Your Destination

Once the traveler is in the destination and from there he is ready to go for a sightseeing or to local markets then some travel is necessary. At this point when he chooses to go by taxi or Uber then he can check for other people or travelers with whom he can share the travel. This way will help in cutting both cost and carbon emissions.

4. Go To Ecotourism Destinations

It is better to spend the weekends with nature. By choosing natural attractions one can reduce the carbon emissions rather choosing activities which involve machines. They can choose hiking or visiting a beach or any other natural options. Furthermore, you get to support local businesses and participate indirectly in building a better travel experience while helping natives support themselves and protect their environment.

5. Support The Local Industries

Whenever possible traveler should opt for local products and produce. He should avoid packed foods. Through this he can enjoy the local culture.

6. Stay For A While Instead Of Hopping To And From

It is better to plan a longer travel. Flying back and forth will increase the carbon emissions. So, plan properly and stay for long to reduce the carbon footprints.

7. For Short Distances, Consider Traveling On Foot Or On Bicycle

When it comes to reducing carbon footprint, it will be better to choose the less wheeled vehicles. Trade for lesser wheels. For example trade for trading taxi for a 2 wheeler or choosing foot. This will help in reducing the carbon footprint.

8. Drink Tap Water Whenever You Can (And Only If You Are Sure It’S Clean)

If the destination ha s good quality of tap water then choose that rather bottled water. Before starting the travel it is better to do a research on safe drinking water in that area. If it is safe to drink tap water there, then have some reusable bottle in the pocket. It is also important to bring back the bottle. Along with this, if that area has lots of coconut water then, go for it. It helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

9. Camp

If the area is comfortable for camping then it is better to choose that rather than opting to stay in a hotel – this supports reducing the carbon footprint. If you’re worried that you’ll be lugging around heavy camping equipment, fear not. Many sites online can provide you with options of luggage that pack a lot, while still remaining light enough for camping and hiking.

10. Use Natural Resources To Groom Yourself

For a shower choose waterfall if available; otherwise, be conscientious of how you use water and opt to be as economic as possible when you do.

11. Consume Environmentally Friendly Content

It is better to chill by reading a book in travelling rather reserving the time for smartphone looking at the instagram.

12. Calculate Your Estimated Carbon Footprint Before You Travel

One can also use a carbon footprint calculator which helps in calculating the carbon emissions throughout the travel. So, after every travel one can calculate this and it will help in reducing the carbon footprint on your next trip.

If there is a will, there is a way – and there is a way you can, right now. What are you waiting for?