Climate change is a huge topic of conversation yet alone, debate and the subject is never far away from anyone’s lips. For many years now, we have been concerned with the way in which we look after our precious planet. It’s commonplace for people to recycle their waste, and we’re attempting to keep an eye on how much fossil fuel we use..

However, one thing we all seem to be forgetting is the act of flying. Climbing on a plane to visit a country across the other side of the globe isn’t something that phases many people these days. In fact, we all talk about how the planet is a much smaller place than it once was which is largely due to the accessibility to airplanes, but how damaging is this to the world around us?
The Facts About air Travel and Climate Change

Ok, how damaging flying is to the atmosphere isn’t an easy one to put into a few words. On one side we have the airlines who want us to continue flying, and on the other we have experts who want us to stop. This results in some very confusing statistics. That said, they are there if you look for them and it doesn’t make good reading.

For instance, if you were to take a return flight to Asia it would contribute as much in the way of greenhouse gases as driving every day for 12 months. Something else to consider is that the pollution being produced is up in the air rather on the ground. Think of it as injecting a pain killer straight into the bloodstream instead of taking it orally. Overall, flying is bad for the environment whichever way you look at it.

We all Deserve a Vacation

It’s true that many of us work hard all year round, and that annual vacation is something we look forward to immensely. But, if you really want to try and reduce the amount of pollution you’re responsible for, you should think about the way in which you reach your dream destination.

We’re always being told driving is bad (and it is) but, as demonstrated in the words above it’s the lesser of two evils. If you can, drive to your destination instead. You could also consider other modes of transport like train or bus. All these methods produce less pollution than flying. If you’re confused over what to do this year instead of jetting off to a Caribbean beach, read on!

The new way Forward – Microadventures!

If you’ve never heard the term “microadventure” before, you’re not alone. After all, my word processor doesn’t even have it in the dictionary! For me, this is the way forward in terms of vacationing without adding to the wows our atmosphere is having to deal with. But, what is it?

Well, first of all, we can thank a British man by the name of Alastair Humphreys for this new concept in vacationing. The idea is that we choose a destination close to home, and spend the night out under the stars. For those of you who don’t like the idea of not having a roof over your head, take a look here at Tents and Camp Gear.

Other Reasons to Consider a Microadventure

This type of trip is becoming increasingly more popular with people who lead busy working lives, or have children. The way it works means short trips, less expense (if any for the seasoned participants) and you can choose to cycle rather than burn more fossil fuel. It also allows us to get back to nature which I think is incredibly important for the younger generation.

If time and money is an issue, you could even consider having a night out in your own garden. The kids will love this just because it’s something different and therefore exciting. What could be more fun than building a fire (safely of course), toasting some marshmallows and sitting around telling stories. It doesn’t matter where you are really.

Have fun and Look After our Planet

Eco-friendly vacations are the future, and I’ll bet that if you think about how much you’ve explored your local area, you’ll find there’s a lot more to do than you thought!