Wood is a natural resource that is abundant in plenty of homes, junk shops, and garbage bins alike – and in being so, people can easily use it to make eco-friendly and sustainable projects by reusing these pieces of wood. Not only does aged wood have more character, recycling old wood reduces YOUR carbon footprint: and from someone else’s waste, too!

See, trees with tall trunks usually are the ones chopped for fine quality wood and lumber. Particular circumstances makes for a fully-grown tree to collapse and die – which makes it ideal for people to cut off good quality wood to make projects with. Apart from that, the same is true for discarded wood from recycling centers – recycling wood is a much better way to reuse it sustainably rather than burning it away.

So if you are interested to learn woodworking, and reduce your carbon footprint in doing so, what better way to do so than recycling old wood to do so? And this is where we come in – because we’ve got a list of 8 easy projects for novices in woodworking to begin their journey into craftsmanship using recyclable wood.

1. Sofa Armrest

The easy and self-made product from quality wood is sofa arm rest. Just measure what is the length and breadth of the sofa arm. Let the assumed length of the arm is 13 inches long. Then create a handmade armrest with a simple hole for a coffee mug. Even you can add an extra rack at down space to keep magazines for reading while enjoying a cup of coffee. This is one of the coolest ideas which can be made from wood.

2. Wood-Framed Flower Vase

The trunk of wood is needed for making the flower vase. Take a single trunk of wood which is about 2 to 4 inches long. Drill an inner hole inside the trunk power some water and place some of the beautiful flowers from your garden with some fresh leaves. The perfect natural flower vase is ready you need not paint or even spend more money for getting the right flower vase for your home. The awestruck flower vase for your coffee table is ready and it is unbreakable for years.

3. Classic Candle Holder

If you are cutting a small branch in your backyard which keeps on disturbing your neighborhood just don’t simply through it away because it can be used as a perfect candle stand. The wood has to be carved inside to the diameter of the candles which you are using in your home. Then it is so simple, you can place candles inside it to create a natural light feeling which can be used for candlelight dinners.

4. A Firm Headboard

Most of the middle-class houses don’t have money to afford a bed with planked cushion for headboards. But from wood easily a headboard can be created with a simple idea. Either you can pick a single wood or combinations of wood to make a headboard in an elegant way. Just measure the size of your bed and work on the headboard with same size and width to bring out your super cool headboard. You can add cushions for added comfort when you sleep, or else enjoying the same wooden feel will quietly do well.

5. Wooden Spoons

You can make this is a simple way. It is so easy to make rather than other things. You need to take a small piece of wood and carve them to get a proper spoon space after then you should smooth the wood to use that spoon even for eating breakfast in your home. The spoons are the best idea for making something far useful for our daily life.

6. Dress And Coat Hangers

You can take a bar of wood and add some hard nails into it to create a vintage dress hanging rack for your home. You can hang all your dresses or even sweaters on it to make it look more natural. The dress hanger is quite easy to make as well as it is easy to cut a bar of wood. The bar of wood which you are cutting can be of any creative shapes which you have imagined. If you have some experience in woodworking, then you may agree that a chopsaw is the best tool for this job.

7. Handy Food Or Beverage Serving Trays

It is very meek to make because your cut for the tray is same for a vegetable cutter with a curved or holed edges to handle the tray. The handles can be raised ones or even holed ones to suit your comfortablity. It is very easy to make a self-made serving tray which all your guests will get stunned at. The serving tray can be made even from the wasted pieces of wood to make it more exquisite.

8. Plant Boxes For Your Plant Buddies

You need to construct a box just like a coffin but in a bigger size to make a simple backyard garden in your concrete house. If there is no space for your house to plant trees or shrubs you can create a small box which can be used for planting multiple little plants which can be used for cooking.

These are just some of the ideas which you can do as homemade projects in a simple way – and curb your own footprint in the process. A good deal, no? We dare say yes.